Structural Integration

"Rolfing has made a huge difference in my quality of life. It relieved my chronic lower back pain, improved my posture, and made me feel more centered in my body. It also increased my breath capacity, which improved my running and my singing voice. I recommend Daphne very highly. She is skillful, gentle, and thorough, and made my Rolfing experience pleasant as well as therapeutic."
"Before I met Daphne my body was locked in long established and stressful postures which seemed unlikely to ever change. After a brief course of her treatment, I have achieved a new relationship with gravity. I am more limber, taller and now stand straight with no conscious effort."
"Rolfing was a great experience. I had chronic shoulder and lower back pain for several years and after my ten sessions with Daphne, I feel better than I have in a long time. I no longer have the constant ache in my shoulder and my lower back feels good as well."
"I came to Daphne two years ago troubled by chronic neck and shoulder pain and severe postural imbalances—despite a regular yoga practice and chiropractic care. In just a few sessions I had more relief and mobility than I had had in years. Daphne is one of the best bodyworkers I've ever been to. She brings an uncanny blend of skill, intuition, and professionalism to her work."
"Before I had Rolfing done, I had poor posture, general tightness in my back and shoulders from long hours sitting at a desk, and a decade-old ankle injury that had recently started to flare up and cause discomfort and pain after only a few steps of walking. After the very first session with Daphne, I already felt and even looked different—my shoulders were no longer hunched and I stood taller. Now my ankle pain is much less severe and my flare-ups of pain are less frequent. My body can handle sitting at a desk much better—I no longer slouch in my chair or hunch over my desk. I have even noticed that I get less headaches and sinus pain after Rolfing. Overall, Rolfing has improved my energy levels and my desire to move—my body previously tended to want to be still, but now I find that I naturally want to be up and about more often. Rolfing has changed and improved my physical health to the point where I feel so much more at home in my own body. I cannot recommend Daphne and her work highly enough."
"I went into my first session with Daphne knowing very little about Rolfing and the benefits it could provide. Fortunately Daphne is not only a great Rolfer, she is a thoughtful teacher as well. After only a few sessions I instantly felt more balanced, taller and full of energy. I have suffered from scoliosis for years, and finally I was free of discomfort and able to see a distinct change in my posture. This work is so intuitive, precise and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced."
"After only three sessions with Daphne, my body seemed much lighter and my spine felt way longer. Also, the way my arthritic knee felt, I remain hopeful that two years after the injury, I could return to playing basketball and tennis. Another curious thing occurred since the sessions: I took a height measurement at my gym, and the feeling of length actually translated into a ½ inch gain. For the past 17 years, my height measurements were consistently at 6' 3½''. After Rolfing, I measured 6'4"."

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